Fly on the Wall

As I stroll into one of my favorite places in the world, the smell of coffee engulfs me. There is a line full of eight people and only three baristas behind the coffee bar. I stand in line to order my cup of Philz when a familiar face behind the coffee bar winks at me and mouths, “Large?” I smile, nod, and slip out of line as I successfully order my drink through eye contact. I plop onto one of the couches nearest to the coffee bar and melt into the seat. I am surrounded by brown tones, from taupe couches to cocoa-colored bar stools to beige marble on the coffee bar and mahogany wood on the walls. Perhaps Phil was inspired by his art to create an ambience that puts people in the mood for coffee. When it comes to good java, you don’t have to ask me twice. The cafĂ© has a soft setting with easy listening in the background, some rendition of smooth jazz. Over the lounge music, I hear a barista with a sweet-but-loud voice yell, “I have a small mint mojito! I have a large iced ecstatic!” These are both delicious, full-bodied blends of Philz’s iced coffee. The atmosphere at Philz is almost as pungent as the coffee itself, with comfortable seating, retro music, and a robust aroma that lingers in my mind for the rest of the day.

WC: 234


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