About me

I am a third-year Public Relations student at San Jose State University. I was born in India and moved to the bay area when I was five years old. To me, California is the greatest place on Earth. I love life here and I don’t see myself living anywhere else. Similarly, I don’t see myself doing anything else. The more PR classes I take, the more I am convinced that PR is the perfect field for me. I am going to be at an agency when I’m well into my career. I am still trying to decide exactly what field of PR I want to work in. But that’s what internships are for, right? I have always loved to write, but like any valuable skill, it takes practice. I am slightly out of practice when it comes to creative writing, but I am constantly training for professional work through AP-style writing assignments. I recently rescued a kitten (named Zoey), isn’t she beautiful?


She has a brother (a bearded dragon named Dexter) who she loves cuddling with. See the two in their natural environment here:

securedownload 1

In my spare time—if I ever have any—I like to bike, go out in nature, watch lots of good t.v., and spend time with my animals.


WC: 210


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